The same and yet different

We drive along the highway. The cars are the same but different, some are larger… a lot larger. We pass trucks, not lorries, they are the same, from behind, but most have elongated cabs, like an Alsatian dog compared to a pug. Stores pass by glowing in the fading daylight. They could be stores from any out of town retail park, but the names yell at me announcing their distinction. I don’t know these names… mostly. There are, of course, the global stores, though not as many on this particular journey.

We visit a couple of drop off points. Then it is time to change to a smaller shuttle for the very final leg. I am so close to my destination.

The sun has now gone for the day. It had been my companion since rising near the end of my first bus trip, almost 24 hours earlier. My day, my journey was coming up to 31 hours in total.

We arrived.

I climbed out of the shuttle. I was greeted.

I was tired…


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